….Tiki Classics…

Tiki Style Mai Tai
A mesmerizing mix of tropical juices, two of our rums; one light, the other a deep dark black strap molasses rum. Our signature drink. $9 Go for a more classic style with Meyers $10

Sneaky Tiki
Our rum punch concoction of Malibu Passionfruit, rum and a mix of tropical juices. $8

A serious tiki cocktail swirled with fresh juices and topped with a dangerous float of 151. $12


Mango- Strawberry Daiquiri
A tasty twist on the classic blended drink. $8

Pina Colada / Chi-Chi
We make this tropical classic extra creamy with fresh Maui pineapple and your choice of rum or vodka. $10 Or go big and make it a Lava Flow or Maui Sunset. $11

The Green Flash
Didn’t see the mythic green flash? Say you saw it here. Stoli Vanilla and Midori with tropical juices and fresh pineapple. $10

The Endless Summer
The search for the perfect drink is over. A mix of pineapple SKYY vodka, mango, Coco Lopez, and pineapple juice. $10

….Light and Refreshing…

Maui Mama
Our version of a Bahama Mama. Rum complimented with banana and coconut flavors. $9

Tic-Tac Tiki
Rum with orange curaco, and a full can of Red Bull to power through the day and night. It tastes just like the candy. $13

Hawaiian X
Easy drinking with Xrated, Stoli Razzberry, plus fresh Maui pineapple. $8 shot $9 drink

Beach Bum Rum
Kick back with Malibu Melon, Midori, mango and lemonade. $9

Pin Up Potion
A sexy, deep red martini with Ruby Red Absolut, Peach Schnapps, lemonade and blue pomegranate. $9

Treasure Island
You’ve hit gold with Stoli Blueberry, Pomegrante liqueur, blue pomegranate and pineapple. $9

….Popular House Drinks…

Oh My Goddess
Blueberry vodka with a splash of pink lemonade for simple and sassy deliciousness. Locals call it the OMG. $7

A mouth-watering combination of top shelf tequila (name your poison!), citrus& lime with a float of Grand Marnier. $11

Lychee-Watermelon Martini
Not too sweet, very refreshing, and garnished with a lychee fruit to satisfy the tiki idols. $9